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Warhammer 40000 was first thought up in 1987…

It is a continuous story that has been changed and added onto since it was first created, a lot like many of us. Some of those additions have been fun some of them have been not fun, some have been garbage and some are absolute gems. It is a dense universe of grim, darkness and getting into it takes some work.

As it usually copying something, notably other science fiction, and stuff is in turn copying it this creates a nice little echo chamber meaning that there is something for everyone. The following are some link to get you into the setting and help you digest the setting and universe.


  • The Vaults of Terra
    • Nic’s Opinion: Vaults of Terra gives a very summerized reports on lore, its often dry but full of facts and details trying to remain purely informative.
  • One Mind Syndicate
    • Nic’s Opinion: One Mind Syndicate is often giving very fast facts in very creative manner it often picks the “best” facts and moves on to other things, it does create some interesting videos on fringe stuff in the universe which is nice.


  • The Grim Dark Podcast
    • Nic’s Opinion: These Aussies have a channel dedicated to the very system we are using. I don’t agree with them on some of the lore but the channel is really good at getting an idea for both builds and lore direction for characters.


  • The Regimental Standard
    • Nic’s Opinion: Want to know how Propaganda works inside the IG? Very Tongue and Cheek, and very funny once you understand the lore some more.
  • 40k RPG Tools
    • Nic’s Opinion: A cheat sheet for stuff, while it doesn’t have any fluff, it has the hard stat lines for items in the system we use.

Reddit Groups

  • 40K Lore
    • Nic’s Opinion: As far as Reddit’s go this one is actually a lot of fun. As the official canon of GW is: canon, what canon, lots of ideas and thoughts come up, for better and worst. This Reddit page has a lot of fun stuff in its cracks and good debates on even the obscure stuff.
  • The 40k RPG Group
    • Nic’s Opinion: A group dedicated to the system we use, its active and has a generally really nice community, I have posted here a couple of times, and often read a lot of the stuff posted. A good mix of lore and mechanics if your are interested.

Warhammer 40000 Universe Meta

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