Tension Tracker

The tension tracker is a way to easily represent political situation that change as a Killteam, or throne agents.

Tension Effects FW Penalty
5 Extra Support is given, every request has automatically been filled, roll FW test to see if a gift is given. +15
10 Request has automatically been filled. Help is offered even if its not requested. +10
15 Requests are filled faster + 5
20 Normal Situation… 0
25 Requests are filled slowly. - 5
30 Troops will be refused for help -10
40 Isolating Fighting Between Groups. Any requests will be denied, unless made in person, then a FW test. Troops refuse no matter what. -15
45 Fellowship roll or the group opens fire. -20
50 Open Vox communications will be insulted, difficult to progress. -25
55 Meetings will require a successful FW test -30
60 Open Fighting has broken out. Group attacks on site, ignores Vox Calls -35
  • All Tensions start at 20. Represents
    Add 1 to the tension track whenever:
  • Two Commanders refuse to cooperate or insult each other.
  • The Kill-team insult one of the Commanders, even unknowingly.
    Add 1d5 to it whenever:
  • Two Commanders attack each other for whatever reason.
  • The Kill-team fails a Rally Point encounter.
  • The Kill-team kills a loyalist.
    Remove 1d5 from the Tracker when:
  • The Kill-team resolves a Rally Point encounter.
  • The Kill-team defeats an attack and kills at least one Elite.
  • The Kill-team has an affable conversation with one of the commanders (apply once for each commander).


Difficulty Modifier Charm Command Deceive Intimidate
Easy +30 Infatuated Fanatical Gullible Terrified
Routine +20 Affectionate Devoted Trusting Frightened
Ordinary +10 favorable Loyal Accepting Startled
Challenging +0 Indifferent Indifferent Indifferent Indifferent
Difficult –10 Disdainful Resentful Suspicious Brave
Hard –20 Contemptuous Disloyal skeptical Courageous
Very Hard –30 Disgusted Mutinous Disbelieving Foolhardy

Tension Tracker

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