"Hardest task is not the Greater Good, it is knowing which Task is the Greater Good."


Ws Bs s T ag Int Per WP fel
25 55 30 40 25 30 20 30 30

Movement: 3/6/9/18
Wounds: 12
Awareness (Per), Common Lore (Tau Empire) (Int), Speak Language (Tau) (Int).

Exotic Weapon Training (Tau Pulse Weapons).

Fighting Withdrawal, Fire Drill.

Tau Fire Warrior Armour (Head 6, Arms 6, Body 6, Legs 6).
Toughness: 4

Pulse Rifle Basic 150m S/2/4 2d10+2 E 4 36 Half Gyro-stabilised
Pulse Carbine Basic 60m S/–/3 2d10+2 E 4 24 Full Gyro-stabilised
Pulse Pistol Pistol 30m S/2/– 2d10+2 E 4 16 Half —

Gear: Micro-bead, photo-visor.


O’Plava is Guarding the Ethereal and Water Caste Diplomats of the Fidea Prime Tau Diplomatic Envoy.

An old Fire Warrior, he reached the Master rank, denoted by his O’ prefix. He is a master of the Hunt and Killing Blow. Imperial reports state he is unorthodox form in both combat styles.

O’Plava is actually helping to organize the Gue’vesa Forces into combat ready unit to over throwing the Governer, O’Plava is seeing about getting Jayson Costache on board to get the whole planet to throw up the Tau Banner.

Part of this plan was a collection of tunnels underneath the capital city. O’plava had the good idea to throw a collection of Gretchin Corpses into the tunnels if they were discovered. Which they were while this prevented the Imperial Forces from striking at the Tau it created a potential risk.

The Crew of the Century Hawk has let the Inquisition know of the plot.


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