Merrit Family


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The Merritt Family Dynasty.

Prepared Brief by Adept Dorji the Advisor

Inquisitor, you wanted a brief of the Dynasty of Merritt, below is what I compiled together.

Founded some time around 141.M41, records are not clear, age is roughly 1,850 years old, with about 120 generation between head of the Family and the person that take overs assumes the head of the Family. Generations are large, usually 7 to 8 children survive to adulthood for every branch. Mind you I cannot get an exact figure on children born only those that reach “maturity.”

Founded following the 12th Black Crusade, the Gothic Wars, as a minor Noble Family that helped build up several minor Battlefleets that helped in that conflict, they were then justly rewarded for their aide. Unable to handle the new order they found themselves they looked for help and found it in none other than Adeptus Mechanicus. The AdMech provide ship, techonolgy and wealth opportunities to the struggling families. If this sound highly suspicious, that is because it was. The Merritt Family quickly earned a reputation as Crimson Privateers as they were colorfully known. They raid rivals and system for the Admech where the admech wanted or could manipulated to “save” systems from “pirates and revers.” As their reputation grew, their circle of friends shrunk. Forcing the Family more and more into the Admech’s control. This relationship was not one side, the Merritt with aide grew bold and sought out larger prizes. As these success grew so did the Admech’s involvement in the family as fences, financiers and allies. It should be noted that while I cannot find solid evidence to prove this, I believe that Merritt family also operated as Smugglers. A number ships that match records as ships owned by the family jettison cargo and performed emergency warp drives before Adeptus Arbites forces could board and inspect cargo. Additional the Admech records that I could access show a number of “relics” that were stolen suddenly showing up sub-sectors away on a different world at the same time a Merritt Family just happen to be in the system carrying a load of “Miscellaneous Yellow Fruit Stuff” for the Forge World.

Family’s chief Writ of Trade is held by the current Patriarch Joesph Merritt. The Matriarch of the Family Mary Merritt-Mortum holds two minor writs loosely connect to her own family and that of the Merritt Family. Joseph is a sullen and gray faced man who is very much a Battlefleet Admiral at heart. Mary is the more Jovial and the apparent face of the family. Mary and Joseph were married as part of peace arrange between them. For the better part of the early part of the 800.M42 the two were in a near constant state of war. As they depleted their wealth in the war the families of the two ultimately forced the two to marry as it was the only way to end the war and force some kind of peace. It hasn’t exactly worked, however the explosive rivalry is an equally explosive love affair. Neither will tolerate being the being the second string, and often affairs are with individuals that can either stand the mighty fury of the spouse or someone that can escape without reciprocations. I should note that neither has a preference for gender, looks, economic standing or even strictly speaking, even being human. Famously both had an affair with the Eldar Corsair Mexa the Gray, still at large, and by all accounts it was at the same time.

The Merritt family is young most of its wealth is tied directly into the Admech. They are almost Omni-Unorthodoxy by all accounts, venerating the Avatar of the Machine Spirit. As such they have a number of fleets that are actually tied directly into the Battlefleets of Systems tied to the Forge World, protecting and supply the vast interplanetary trade system required to feed the forges. Number of their ship are crewed and protected by Skartii forces. It should be noted that number of cousins and bloodlines are inherited dedicated completely to the Machine Cult. They are still small and more operate on a less is more quality. There are several exceptions which I will mention later.

As such the Merritt family has a unique relationship with the Adeptus Terrra. As they can get Writs of Trade and proxy Writs drafted for them if not from directly requesting them, by at least having the Admech lean on the Adeptus Terrra, this has allowed the family to expand as they want and plan a more structure growth that a larger family enjoys while a minor one could not.

The family adheres to the Male Inheritance but an Ultimogeniture one, with youngest son to inherit all control. It is believed this is a hold over or at least a survival technique as a child would be unable to understand or hold an old grudge from before they took control of the family.

As mention every family generation is several sons and daughter, the current family is no exceptions. Joseph and Mary have had 12 children; not including a number of children born out of wedlock, there are 5 son and 7 daughters. Current Heir is a Cameron Constistationious Merritt. Presently given his own command, no real records yet. All accounts the favorite of both parents, though whether this is personality or his position in the family. The oldest son was killed by Orc, the second oldest is missing presumed lost to the warp. The third Oldest, one Lord Captain Guile runs a caviler style Privateer operation out of the Artemis Sector. Fourth took vows as into the Admech. As for the daughters, the four oldest are married to other rogue traders in power plays and not involved in the Merritt family directly. The Fifth died in childbirth on a distant world, the Granddaughter from this birth is currently being raised abroad Mary’s flag ship with the youngest daughter.

Finally the second youngest daughter Lady Admiral Abagail is close to Cameron’s age but has had a remarkable career as a privateer hunter, when her ship’s captain was found wanting she shot the man, took command of the ship and lead it to victory against an Ork Freeboater, who she scared and took his arm as a trophy. The Ork Kaptain came for revenge with a near WAAAGH! size fleet the Lady Captain then crashed her wounded and limping ship into a Reaver footfall colony base, the heretics, Orks and Loyalist then fought a bloody battle abroad the footfall colony until Mary and Joseph arrived and cleaned up as part of their rescues. She manages one of the larger Battlefleets as reward of her cunning and bold plans.

Captain Guile runs a single ship but operates a Base that supplies and arms other ship to help with Anti-Pirate activity. He doesn’t have a fleet so much as he has several Captains that report to him and he points them in a direction.

The largest Fleet in the family is Mary’s battlefleet, provided mainly by her family, she spend a lot of her time aiding in crusade work.

The second Largest is Joseph’s fleet which he breaks down in to squadrons and has wolf pack pirates and other opportunities for profit.

Several Bloodlines maintain the vast Battlefleets that family supplies and runs for the Admech. They bend knee to Merritt who again bends knee to the Admech. This might be because the resources of the Merritt family is, again, tied to the Admech almost a vassal family asking for scrapes, the Admech is more than willing to aide on the grounds that the Merritt family takes care of their “requests.” This means that they often have access to a large number of relics and otherwise rare “kit.”

It should be noted as they are mostly Pirates and Privateers they maintain several armies of Marines, while nowhere near the Adeptus Astrates but could give veteran Astra Militarum a run for their money, if not the Tempestus Scions. The volume of fighting the family does means any new regimes mustered for ship to ship combat quickly sees a level of action that is reserved for most death worlders or Astra Militarum hot zones.

As such there is very little else to mention. The family runs mostly lone wolf style hunter-killer operations and sometimes these ships team up. The run a small number of transport ships to ensure the continued support of these operations. And they provide the troop support and leadership for a number of battle fleets, while I have thoughts the transportation is mostly smuggling, however its the Admech either laundering its own limitation through a willing puppet or its a vassal family that has earn its freedom to roam from a harsh master that is more than happy to be used.

Merrit Family

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