Inquisitor Zorka Fionnghuala Tarvert


Inquisitor Zorka Fionnghuala Tarvert has been dispatched by her holy orders to remove the taint inside the Fidea Prime Sector. The Subverse presence of the Tau always brings their heretical beliefs and ideas she has come to find any elements of this subversion and remove it, with fire.

Zorka is also investigating a Heretek the has moved through the Fidea Prime Sub sector. She has task the crew of the Century Hawk with finding the heretic. They did but he was in the employ of Inquisitor LĂ­adan Abidemi Stafford who was able to cover track after the crew discovered tunnels under the city who were believed to be Ork tunnels but they are in fact tunnels of O’Plava which he is planning on using to start a revolt with Jayson Costache.

Needless to say she has no reason to look into the Heretek any more.

Thanks to the player’s action it was revealed that there was deep sympathetic force of aggressive secessionist who were willing to take up arm for misguided Tau Alliance. Finally thanks to the players action it was clear a chaos cult was operating on the planet this whole time.

Tarvert will be spending the next several years working through the system to root out where and how this cult was founded. Something her counter part is more than okay with helping with.

Inquisitor Zorka Fionnghuala Tarvert

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