Garrison Steinan

'Very good, sir. I'll get right on it after tea"


Skills: Barter: 64, Commerce: 64, Common Lore: Adminstratum: 73, Underworld: 63; Evaluate: 84; Forbidden Lore: Archaeotech: 68; Inquiry: 64; Lip Reading: 72, Literacy: 83; Logic: 63; Scholastic Lore: Bureaucracy: 83, Imperial Warrants: 83, Imperial Creed: 83, Legend: 83, Numerology: 83; Scrutiny: 62; Secret Tongue: Rogue Trader: 63; Speak Language: High Gothic: 83, Low Gothic: 83, Ship Dialect: 83, Trader Cant: 83; Trade: Cryptographer: 83, Linguist: 73


Garrison Steinan is a Senechal that was trained by the Patriot’s Glory Senechal, Thaddius Thudd, III. Garrison is more than capable and seems to know more about how the Imperium inner working function than just about anybody. A student of numbers, patterns and languages, he has a knack for picking things up quickly and remembering anything that is said or that he has read. Commodore Camryn Merritt has other things to worry about and so asked Thadd to find him a personal assistant. Thadd decided that he would promoted from his own staff Garrison to Personal Assistant to the Commodore.

Garrison Steinan

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