Century Hawk

Our Home, Our Base, Our Fortress of Fury.


DAUNTLESS Class Light Cruiser

Crews Profit Factor 61
Nobles + 5%
Ecclesiarchy + 5%
Imperial Ground Forces + 5%

SHIELDS Dual Void Shield
[ Prow 21 ]

Default Combat Non-Combat
SPEED 7 8 6
DETECTION 18 13 14
Endeavour 13
SKill Bonus
Tech-Use Repair Ship/Emergency Repairs 10
CMD/Hit&Run 20
CMD/Boarding Action 20
Manouvre/Stellar Phenomena 5
CMD/Hit&Run (Def) 20
CMD/Boarding Action (Def) 20
Medicae 20

Crew Disposition: Fanatical
Crew Max 100% Crew Quality Competent (30)
Morale Max 100%
Normal Operations (Morale)

Achievement Bonuses
Achievement Bonuses:
Trade + 50
Crime + 50
Military + 100
Explore + 50

Essential Components
Jovian Pattern Class 3 Drive
Strelov 2 Warp Engine
Gellar Field
Combat Bridge Damage Control Station:As long as the bridge remains undamaged, all Tech-Use Tests to repair the ship gain +10.
Ancient Life Sustainer
R-50 Auspex Multi-Band Auger Array
Voidsmans Quarters Standard Quarters for Void Sailers

Supplemental Components
Cargo Hold & Lighter Bay,
Reinforced Prow (+1d5 Ramming Damage),
Medicae Deck (3xIB Patients Treatable w/out Penalty) ,
Fire Suppression System (1 User per ST; Difficult -10 tech-Use Test to extinguish 1 component on Fire),

Complications / Past Histories
Wrothful Ship is temperamental and violent, refusing to do things out of combat, but once inside is a storm of its own ancient rage
Temperamental Warp Engine Roll 1d10. On a 6< Warp Travel takes +1d5 weeks, 7 or above and it takes -1d5 weeks
Weapons Stength Damage Critical Rating Range Location
Mars Pattern Torpedo Tubes 6 x+x - 60 PROW
Plasma Speed 10 2d10+14 10 +20 to Hit
Boarding Speed10 2d10+11 +20 Hit, Reroll to hit if off target
Mars Pattern Macrocannon Broadside 6 1d10+2 5 6 STARBOARD
Mars Pattern Macrocannon Broadside 6 1d10+2 5 6 PORT
Jovian Pattern Escort Bay 1 x+x DORSAL

Captain Mortem always keeps Six Torpedoes in the tube.

Plasma warheads x30
These explosives are the standard armament for Imperial torpedoes. These systems are designed to blast through a spaceship’s armoured hull, using their high speed to punch deep into the target vessel. The plasma reactor that powers a torpedo’s drive forces it deep into the bowels of the ship and then overloads, contributing to the fury of the warhead’s detonation. This reduces complexity, making their manufacture comparatively simple. Thus, these torpedoes are the staple of Imperial Navy warships.

Terminal Penetration (3): When rolling damage for this weapon, re-roll any dice results of 3 or lower. The results of the second roll stand.

Standard Guidance; +20

Boarding torpedoes x 10
More manned spacecraft than torpedo, these fulfil a comparable role to assault boats. However, boarding torpedoes are less manoeuvrable and less armoured than assault boats. To offset these flaws, they are also much smaller targets. The crews of a boarding torpedo are able to make minor adjustments to the torpedo’s flight path. Consequently, these are always considered Guided torpedoes, though no additional Acquisition cost is required for this feature. Note that boarding torpedoes do not have a Detection rating. No additional guidance systems may be added to boarding torpedoes.

When a boarding torpedo successfully hits a target craft, roll the weapon’s damage as normal. If the damage exceeds the target’s armour, the torpedo does not inflict damage to Hull Integrity. Instead, it immediately inflicts a Hit-and-Run attack.

Terminal Penetration (2): When rolling damage for this weapon, re-roll any dice results of 2 or lower. The results of the second roll stand

Jovian Pattern Escort Bay

Count Fighters and Bombers equal to crew in skill and Mag as a horde.

Mission Describtion Damage Turret Penalty
Interception Protect ship with defensive attacks including Torpedoes and Missiles. Hits will count as one less for every sucess. Dog Fights will resolve with damage done to MAG. None None
Escort Craft will protect a target to insure it arrives to its distnation. Can escort Torpedoes. Success indicates a protection from some source, like Turrets or Interceptors None Standard
Bombing Fighters form up and strafe an enemy ship with Plasma bombings. Each Success on command gives a hit. Void shields don’t apply 1d10+4 -17 to test

An ancient powerful cruiser with a long history of space combat. Some of the crew believe it served during the Siege of Terra. These crew members are fools. However, the cruiser is old and most records for the Ship are lost. Only veneration and markings in the superstructure from repairs mark how old the ship is.

The CH was won in a card game by Captain Mortum.

The ship is a temperamental beast, its machine spirit seems prone to mood swings being difficult and sluggish during normal operation. During combat however the ship responds quickly and powerfully.

An ancient family lives and works on the Plasma Reactor. The mostly annoy the Tech priests working on the more complex features of the Reactor.

CH’s Warp drive is add, occasionally distorting time when in use. Repairing the unit is difficult and mean seam to age or not age or grow young randomly when working on the unit.

Century Hawk

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