Warrants of Trade

Warrant of Trade

The most valuable possession of a Rogue Trader family is a Warrant of Trade; an ancient legal document which describes the accepted limits of its operations. These charters are hereditary thus creating a Rogue Trader dynasty. These dynasties are granted a personal coat of arms identifying them amongst the Imperial elite.

Rogue Traders are empowered with the authority to travel freely within the Imperium and beyond, this allows them to interact with cultures for which contact with is normally forbidden, be they non-Imperial human worlds or Xenos-controlled planets. Not only that, but Rogue Traders are granted the permission and freedom to deal with these cultures as they see fit, so long as it is in the interests of the Imperium.Upon stepping on a non-Imperial world, the Rogue Trader may claim it for the Imperium by uttering:

“I claim this world for the Emperor of Humanity and his Imperium. I bring justice and truth for the loyal. Punishment and death for the guilty.”

Despite their free-ranging powers, one can assume that a renegade Rogue Trader guilty of heresy or treason will be severely prosecuted by the Inquisition. It is very likely that he is considered to have forsaken the Emperor’s trust upon his family and that his punishment will be much more severe.

Notable Warrants

Warrants of Trade

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