The Slot System

Weight penalties suck. I have enough energy to come up with a half decent plot, learn the rules I need for that night of play and maybe enough energy to perform as a Hammy NPC. What I do not have energy for is to be an accountant/quarter master and double check every player on the shit they carry. Some people might like this, I do not like nickel and diming in life so I will not in game.

Only War and Deathwatch are heavy combat focused games with attempt to counter Player Power Creep. While the renown for Deathwatch is a good system for this the MISSION OBJECTIVE system is asinine and requires a GM to preplan everything and spoil the opportunity to surprise the players.

A GM could be a dick about this, and not tell players but someone is going to get hurt feelings when their special snowflake of a character gets eaten. If everyone signed up for that that’s fine, generally I don’t like killing players unless it’s a cinema moment.

Using the Intelligence Bonus, the tens value, we have how many slots a character has. These slot correspond to the number “items” a character can safely carry in their kit without causing issues for that player.

Intelligence is selected as it is underutilized ability beyond Skills and Lore. Besides my reasoning is a matter of Tetris for one’s kit/back, it takes a keen mind a way to pack things so they do take up excess space or Shuffle around. Strength is a factor but it is often moot, in addition Strength has a massive use in most games. I considered Fellowship however fellowship in Deathwatch is massively important and equally needed for Only War.

A player has two additional Slots to the ones gained from intelligence. The first is the close combat weapon, a knife or equivalent, and a side arm. The Second is a general Stuff slot. This includes data slates, aspect, rope, tools and other Misc items a player can bring. The second slot is just stuff that can be dropped and recovered later, everything else is something a player would want to bring into combat.

Every Weapon counts as a slot: Melee weapon, one slot, Long arm, one slot, Heavy Weapon, one slot. The exception to this Grenades, Heavy Weapons Ammo, Special Ammo, and Small arms. All weapons carry one full magazine

Grenades come in packs, equal to Strength bonus, one pack takes up one slot per pack. For Example Strength 30 is a Str Bonus of 3, One Pack of Grenades is 3 Grenades.

Heavy Ammo counts as basic ammo only in a limited number of ways. Plasma, Bolt, Melta and Laser all count as basic ammo, and follow the rules set down in the Ammo Rules. However, Missiles, grenades, and special weapons are treated like grenades, coming in packs.

Special Ammo comes in packs as well but it may use Fellowship instead of Strength for the pack number if the player would like. Special ammo is a crafted item and is difficult to find a conscientious character can sweet talk someone into getting some more as they might need it.

Small Arms, pistols, Knives, basic melee weapon are only half a slot each, so two pistols can be taken. Or a pistol and a combat weapon.

Heavy Weapons are only counted as one weapon. The weapons that require more slots are handled by the heavy ammo rule. The reasoning is to not penalties player but allow them to carry special ammo or a different weapon for versatile reasons.

The Slot System

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