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Psker Power

Warp Phenomenon

As normal with Warp Phenomenon additionally occurring on rolls of 3, 6, 9’s. This includes 30,60,90 on the tens dice.

Unnatural Abilities.

As they don’t really seem to provide something outside of adding to the Modifier for the Ability. All Unnatural Abilities, regards of rank or status will double the DoS for any rolls for that Ability when used. Contested or otherwise.

Skill Mastery

Player may spend 750 XP for a Skill Mastery collection. A Mastered Skill set grants a character training in all skill in the set with +20 bonus to skill tests to which it can be applied. A character outside of Ascension is limited to 2 Mastered Skills

Mastered Skill Skill List
Athletic Mastery Acrobatics, Climb, Contortionist, Dodge, Swim Commerce Mastery Barter, Evaluate
Common Lore Mastery Common Lore (all skill groups) Cryptological Mastery Ciphers (all skill groups), Secret Tongue (all skill groups)
Decadent Mastery Carouse, Gamble, Performer (all skill Groups) Charismatic Mastery Blather, Charm, Command
Driving Mastery Driving (all skill groups)
Fieldcraft Mastery Navigation (Surface), Survival, Tracking, Wrangling
Forbidden Lore Mastery Forbidden Lore (all skill groups)
Investigation Mastery Inquiry, Interrogation, Intimidate,
Linguistic Mastery Lip Reading, Literacy, Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic, Ship Dialect, Tribal Dialect) Observation Mastery Awareness, Scrutiny, Search
Piloting Mastery Pilot (all skill groups), Navigation (Stellar)
Scholastic Mastery Logic, Scholastic Lore (all skill groups)
Shadow Craft Mastery Deceive, Disguise, Security, Slight of Hand Stealth Mastery Concealment, Silent Move, Shadowing
Tech Lore Mastery Chem-Use, Demolition, Medicae, Tech Use
Warp Lore Mastery Invocation, Psyniscience

All Las-weapons have a +10 to hit, additional accuracy bonuses apply.

Dipole mag-lock

If Quick Draw Talent Allow swapping to the weapon with this attachment as a free action, plus the usual gains.

Rogue Trader


All broadsides count has having infinite strength and count hits on per DoS. Critical applies as normal.


Using a handy Prop, I award coins, each coin counts as a objective points. Each coin maybe a reward of Acquisition, +1%, or XP, +100 XP. party choice where it goes.

A Gem might be earned which will be rolled to determine if a bonus is 100 to 1000 XP, or +1% to +10%. Again party choice. but must be determined before rolling

Psychic Power Changes and Expansion

h5 Leviatate

Prerequisites: Precision Telekinesis
Focus Power Test: Willpower
Focus Power Time: Half Action
Range: Self
Sustained: Yes

The psyker is able to call upon his telekinetic abilities to be able to lift himself into the air. By the time a psyker learns this power, he is able to maintain his delicate concentration to block outside distractions and keep his focus on the task at hand. By making a Focus Power Test, the psyker is able to levitate himself up to a height equal to his Psy Rating. This power is not flight, but merely a vertical movement. The psyker can also use this power to lift objects or others into the as well. To determine how much weight the psyker can levitate with this power, consult Table 9-33: Carrying, Lifting & Pushing, on page 268 of the ROGUE TRADER Core Rulebook. Instead of using the psyker’s Strength Bonus and Toughness Bonus, use his Willpower Bonus and Intelligence Bonus. The maximum lifting weight is the total amount of weight the psyker can levitate—anything over that limit and the psyker is unable to lift it.


You can use this power to stop yourself from falling, but you must succeed on a Difficult (–10) Willpower Test before the impact.

You negate all penalties incurred by low- or high-gravity worlds while Leviate is Active. In addition, you can walk on walls or ceilings for as long as this power is active. You move across such surfaces at half your normal rate. You must also Test Agility to go between a wall and ceiling and vice versa, unless you take a Full Action to ease yourself onto the new surfac

Reasoning: Leviate is kind of vague and generally while you could do some interesting things with it, Precision Telekinesis is still a little more powerful. Adding two of the lesser powers from dark heresy seems to fit with this idea and actually give it some fun options while not overpowering limitation set by the description of the fluff.

Black Crusade

Archetype Rule Changes

Champions can use their Infamy Score in place of another attribute for social rules if it is higher.

Reasoning: Champions are seriously underpowered in terms of what they can do, the idea of playing a character who is a leader who doesn’t get an advantage or the very least a bonus of something for that role it makes the class a little under powered.

Chosen can consider their Crit Results as Tearing for Cold Killer
Reasoning: Roll a 4 know you can get better use power, get a 1 keep it, defeats the purpose of being a cold killer

Night Lords add +20 to any “stealth” roll a Night Lord takes while in obscured areas.

Reasoning: Bookkeeping mostly but Primarch of the Night Lords is Batman so…

Dark Apostle can create unaligned Monuments.

Reasoning: GW continue attempt to remove unaligned while make Chaos more generic and unaligned while not actually using that word has stretched to FFG now.

Pirate Prince of the Ragged Helix can start aligned to who ever they damn well please, they are Godsdamn Rogue Traders and a Pirates, and Pirates do what they want because a Pirate is Free

Reasoning: GW continue attempt to remove unaligned while make Chaos more generic and unaligned while not actually using that word has stretched to FFG now. Also Pirates.

Daemon Weapons Expansion

For the sake of simplicity a Daemon weapon requires one Daemon Mastery Test on pick up and then when the Character is stunned or rendered unconscious by another, or should their Willpower fall below that of the bound daemon, another test is required. Additionally the Daemon will need a test if the Daemon inside precises its user as “weak,” though what this is action maybe depends on the daemon’s personality, alignment and temperament.

Additionally depending on action taken a Character can improve their relationship with some Daemons.

Corruption and Infamy


Once a Character hits 100 corruption they will need to make a WP Test and have must earn +3 DoS they will be given a chance to make the test three times. Failure results in the character becoming a Chaos Spawn . Ever Ten corruption points after the hundred becomes a -10 on the WP Test Note that Gifts of Chaos continue to develop as normal.

Reasoning: Warp is shaped by human believe which is affected by Willpower. Also need the REALLY BAD GAME OVER at least defined this way it keeps with the theme of Chaos

Nic's Collection of Rules

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