Juno Sub Sectors


Juno Sub Sectors

Segmentum: Segmentum Obscurus
Sector: Koronus Expanse
Stars Destiny Low

The Juno Subsector is a relative sparse collect of Stars that might be classified as Halo stars. A majority of the stars are smaller blue to white stars. Most worlds are barren and lifeless very few were terraformed, many have wild seed mining operations and asteroid fracking.

During the Age of Apostate a group of exiles who would later rally under the Confederation of Light sought protection from Goge Vandire and his Reign of Blood by leaving known Imperial space. They found the harsh worlds of the Juno Sector. These bold loyalists were led by a young widow named Minerva Juno, later to become Saint Minerva.

The Journey through the warp was dangerous as the settlers had no navigator to guide them through the warp. With Minerva leading them they somehow survived only losing a single ship and arrived in the sector.

Colonization was completed on a limited number of the few the worlds that had enough oxygen or atmosphere where a few standing structures could be constructed. A migrant fleet moved between these worlds moving necessary resources that couldn’t be grown or produce on some from others that could. It was a bitter and hard existence. Making the people hard but capable people as they survived under the harsh conditions.

Minerva’s martyrium was a strange event. Already made near saintly by her safely guiding those that had travelled with her blindly through the warp it wouldn’t take much more to elevate her.

However during the sudden and seemingly divined storm that destroyed Vandire’s strike force a massive warp portal open spilling forth several ships marred by battle scars and bearing the colors of the mad priest regent into the Subsector.

This warp flung force demanded aide. The Colonies denied them. The Fleet attack in full force. The battle that followed were tough harrowing battles and world hoping by both forces. Over the next decade and a half world’s trade hands, Ships burned, and tales of heroism and bravery escalated on both sides.

In the latter part of the second decade Lady Minerva rallied most of Colonies, who were splintering at this point. Leading them in battles to push the invaders away and out of their home.

During the finally fight above the world of Herman, a massive final conflict of every ship on all sides fought the last battle. While the Strike force of Thule had superior firepower, the colonist had numbers. As the battle drew to a closing it looked like the Grand Battleship of the Strike Force was turning the tide of the battle with its firepower alone. Minerva rammed the Capital ship with her own vessel fighting her way to the warp engine and engaging it before destroying the Geller Field Generator. The Strike Force commander met her in close combat after trying to stop the jump.

The ship jumped through the warp, while it travel the two fought each other while beast of the warp assaulted the ship. On the command two fought until the ship was spat out of the warp above the world of

Juno Sub Sectors

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