Craftsmanship Quality

Craftsmanship Quality


Best Quality has all the Qualities of the Good Quality. Test Bonuses are already applied.

Ranged Weapon Craftsmanship

Level Skill Test Bonus Qualities Gain Bonus
Poor -10% WP Unreliable, Inaccurate If it has Unreliable already, it jams on +80%
Normal/Common 0% Same
Good/Exceptional +5% Reliable quality
Best/Master +10% Accurate Never jams or does damage to the user

Melee Weapon Craftsmanship

Level Skill Test Bonus Qualities Gain Bonus
Poor -10% Unbalanced
Normal/Common 0% Same
Good/Exceptional +5% Balance
Best/Master +10% Tearing, Razor Sharp +1 damage

Armor Craftsmanship

Level Max Agility AP Bonus
Poor -10%
Good/Exceptional +10%
Best/Master +20% +1

Force Fields

Poor 01%-15%
Normal/Common 01%-10%
Good/Exceptional 01%-05%
Best/Master 0%


Tag Describtion
Unrelible UnrCertain weapons misfire more often than normal because they are badly maintained or constructed. An Unreliable weapon suffers a jam on a roll of 91 or higher, even if fired on Semi- or Single fire.
Inaccurate Inaccurate weapons are either far too cumbersome to aim properly or lack any kind of reliable sights. No bonus is gained from the use of the Aim Action with these weapons.
Relible Based on tried and true technology, Reliable weapons seldom fail. Reliable weapons only jam on an unmodifed hit roll of 00. Reliable weapons with the Spray Quality, or which do not make hit rolls, never jam.
Accurate These weapons are designed with precision in mind and respond superbly in skilled hands. They grant an additional bonus of +10 to the user’€™s Ballistic Skill when used with an Aim Action, in addition to the normal bonus granted from Aiming. When firing a single shot from a single Basic weapon with the Accurate Quality and benefiting from the Aim Action, the attack inflicts an extra 1d10 of Damage for every two Degrees of Success, to a maximum of an extra 2d10.
Unbalanced Heavy and dificult to ready after an attack, these kinds of weapons cannot be used to make Lighting Attack Actions, and impose a +€“10 when used to Parry.
Balance Some weapons, such as swords and knives, are designed so that the weight of the hilt balances the weight of the blade, making the weapon easier to wield. Balanced weapons grant a +10 bonus to Weapon Skill Tests made to Parry. Even if the wielder is using multiple Balanced weapons, he only gains the bonus once.
Tearing Tearing weapons are vicious devices, often using multitudes of fast-moving jagged teeth to rip into flesh and bone. These weapons roll one extra die for Damage, and the lowest result is discarded.
Razor Sharp Certain weapons or ammunition have the ability to slice right through armour if they hit just right. If the wielder scores three or more Degrees of Success when rolling to hit with this weapon, double this weapon’s Pen when resolving the hit.

Craftsmanship Quality

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