Warhammer 40,000: Apocrypha Files


* ][ note* The following if from a minor publication called the Sailor’s Catch, a small yellow paper rag that aims to inform the sailor of the Capital city of the best bits of gossip so they can at least seem like they are well informed travellers. I would have agents note the odd admiration of the Tua’s Ethernal. An odd factor I am finding in a number of sources. While the GRAY LADY has stated they do not have mind altering abilities it is quite alarming to see so many from so many different lives taken with the Eternal. Additionally both the GRAY LADY and WHITE QUEEN are mentioned in the article. I note this as BLACK ROOK asked how the Inquisition can both act and remain almost completely invisible, this in my simple opinion has happened here on Fidea Prime, the Governess herself has welcomed the PIECES into her war council and taken them as bosom friends in this dire hour. While the Trader does know, like most, the intrigue is so far beneath them that he hardly cares or talks about the true roles of those in control.

Earlier today while the Arbrite Santucated Weapons And Technical Squads engaged a group of Cold Trading Heretics. Shortly after the order to begin the assault on the trapped heretics, the heretics blew themselves up with the crude, soulless, and diabolical Xeno tech they sought to smuggle. However in doing so these Heretic have become something of an unsung set of heroes of for the faithful. The resulting blast of their explosion sent shock waves all the way to the poles, and shattered a number of windows in the Capital City.

However once the smoke cleared a tunnel was found benthen the ancient master build sewage system. Inside that tunner were Gretchen and Squig Corpses. Judge Tviloi moves to explore these tunnels and secure the Tunnels in place of “The PDF forces under Lord Costache seem to be found Wanting.”

The Population is already scared and on edge since the mysterious murder of Brother Zupan, the late vow taking brother of her Ladyship Governess Zupan, and attack on the Deacon. A source from inside The Arbites Inquiro believes the tunnels are in some way connected and the Arbites are looking into this idea.

While PDF forces mobilize to secure the tunnels with Arbite Forces. Personal guards of a recently arrived noble from the outer edges of the system; one Lady Stafford has taken up the responsibility of securing the Palace, Space Port and several Warehouses used for the shipment of goods and supplies vital to the system. Lady Stafford is joined by a cousin a Lady Tarvert who have pledge to do their part in this time of crisis.

Lord Admiral Fisher, has issue General Order #7 for all ships under Fidea Admiralty have recalled all personal to their respective ships and to prepare for mustering and assignment orders. Lord Admiral has also finally begun to meet with several high ranking members of the Minstrum to assign ships to the Ork Savaged shipping lanes of the Sector.

The wise and patient Ethernal Shas’Phan has made4 several statement about allowing Tau Fire Warriors assist on the planet, after all on the third content are the settlers from the Tau Empire. Should the tunnels indicate the Ork are growing in numbers to begin what is known as a WAAAGH! The resulting battles will affect the whole planet.

Her benevolent Governess has allowed the Etheral to increase the amount of Fire Warriors on planet. Lord Fisher has demanded the glorious noble Astates of Honor Captain Pitcus deploy an honor guard in response.

The Glorious Captian has left a small Strike Force on the planet to aide in efforts of assaulting the Tunnels and rooting out Feral Orks to prevent the horde from growing. He has issued a number of Statements about the glory of the Imperuim and the duty of every able hand to continue their labors for the Emperor and should their hands be Idle to seek out the Recruitment centers for the Militarum and the PDF garrison.

Lord Admiral has issue General Order #3, which states all abled bodied persons who can serve on a ship must do so. Sources inside the Arbite Tubla Regnum have advise that sectors A0 through B7 take a quite isolation day for reflection and pray while they are not to be seen on the streets, especially at night.

Lord Costache, cousin of the PDF general, has issue a general statement that he warned that something like this could happen, though governess forces have stated ‘being vague and fear mongering is worth less than the card stock of a cheap set of the Emperor’s Tarot and is in fact not at all helpful.’ The Governess officially offered a rebuttal which was short and simple: "While Lord lampoons my rule of this noble world, he continues to remind idle both while his family name and his “dear” cousin are savaged by number of sources. Were he as concerned as he wishes the Population to believe he would have already merged his families forces into the PDF as well as seen fit to issue equipment sorely needed. The Plants Coffers are expansive but the PDF has, by the very traditions he like to flaunt, always been communal with no single house, no single order, nor no single citizen expected to front the cost of out muttal protection alone."

Kor’O’Korya has ordered his fleet to begin moving out, while the careful Xeno keeps ships in orbit to match Battlefleet Fidea remaining ships as well. It seems that even with the Ork threat the Xeno’s continue their acts of passive aggression. however soon he must send the remaining ships or be revealed to be the trader he believes he is.

The famed Reaver hunters on board the Century Hawks have finally finished their work and begin to leave orbit in pursuit of the dread pirate Orks. Their arrival in short order has seen an end to the deadlock of passive aggression and seen fit to remind everyone that we all have duties to the Emperor.


Personal Correspondence of Captain Mordtum
Clearance level ]I[ Intercepted letter in regards to "The Conspiracy of Saint Minerva"

Inquisitional Note; Shadow Pieces of Inquisitor René Yuu intercepted this letter during the events of her investigation into the heresy of the Juno Star Sector. Yuu write’s “”/characters/captain-mortem" class=“wiki-content-link”>Captain Mortem is a strange character, and believed to be heretic of no small order. Though he is less Chaos Heretic and more unorthodox Heretic. I have no wish to fight the man or his crew, all are very good and worthy of their writs of trade. Though they did steal a ship, though at the time Brother Octivas gave a compelling argument as to why it should come under their care. Thinking about now I wonder if I wasn’t just rendered stupified that someone used the Imperial Creed to steal from the Imperial Creed."

My Dearest Genevieve,

I have grown incredibly melancholy since I last saw you, but other wise I am well. My ship is run well by XO Brother Octavius, the kindly missionary you were taken with, and I have secured a group of Mercenaries to fight for me. My master of arms Mordecai has insured they are ready.

I have told you of the Century Hawk, before? If not, in brief it is a troubled ship. Temperamental and stubborn beast. A good fit, no? She is an old cruiser. In combat she out paces and out fights a ship that would be her equal, at rest she has more in common with drifting hulk than a ship.

I do not know if I would call her reliable, its warp engine is strange. The Red Priests do not trust it and perform elaborate rituals that even they don’t seem to believe helps. I watch one performed a quick task, he enter as a youth with bright hair and clear skin, when he return to me he was wrinkled and gray in skin and eyes. It has been something of a boon for our journey.

I presented the cases, yes Mister Lucas did present the requested of Cladus. I don’t believe his plight was as great as he claimed. I left the decision, as I always have, to my crew. The Plight of the Pilgrims tugged at our heart strings and we all felt that it would be a good idea to render aid as quick as possible.

We left the starbase after a bit of excitement, I found myself in a convention of hostile Naval Sailor that heard of my actions during the Malakid Incident some years ago. After I proved that that they reached for the sun, they ran into Brother Octavius’s hot temper, and finally Mordecai taught their friends to be better pilots, but I don’t think the lesson stuck with them as much as the memory of the landing. We collected some new blood for the barracks and left with little more. We did pick up some additional equipment.

During the short warp jump we amused ourselves. Mordecai played general. Brother Octavius played Deacon. I as always played Captain.

When we arrived that temperamental engine delayed us some days. The delay was long enough that our charge left without us. I ordered a immediate deep dive to catch up. A haste and dangerous course. Naturally I felt it was better to catch up to the ship rather than let it go on unescorted. The Hope was that this quick trip would be fast enough jump we wouldn’t lose more time.

The warp dive was not with its own issue. The gellar field flickered and crackled we had minor reality preach. Now don’t panic, it seems most of the ship was visited by the spectres of those unfortunate to die in a conflict between the two of them. Your Brother sends his best by the way. The ship recovered or slept through the issue with much more than a shrug. Brother Octavius appeared dispelled much of the trouble with a theological argument with some men he met a few days ago. My master of Arms swore to never drink again, before he drank the minibar in the mess and passing out on the floor. We shared some sandwiches and called it a night.

We breached back into space and found we hadn’t just lost time we had gain it, travel in fact back in time meaning we had arrived at the point of our randevu days before the other ship would launch fed up with waiting for us. In a bit of good luck we could patrol the space before the ship meet with it and continue on to our destination together.

Well it was by the grace of the Golden Throne that this event happened we found three ships lying in wait. Two were powered down and another was full senor blaring away, toward the direction of our escortee and what would have been us had not felicity intercepted.

Master of Arms Mordecai came up with a cunning plan. He order a heading in the direction of the two smaller ships. Then had us go dead, killing every system. I have told you of that unfortunate business near Vealer Prime? Same sinsation. The ship went dead quiet. Not the quiet of all the background noise that bleeds into a comfortable white silence. This was completely silent, no sounds save our own held breaths and pumping of our lungs. The ship almost drifted into one of ship but Mister Mordecai again came up with a plan, building pressure of excess air and gas on the starboard side of the ship until he released it out of several ports at once, while firing of the remedial thrusters forces us several Void league back on course.

While we drifted helpless and mostly dead. However while we drifted we prepared to strike these would be pirates, by hand we cycled the torpedos from the Plasma ones I normally carry to the Boarding ones. Mister mordecai was confident in his men based on his training session, I mention them earlier, and saw this as an opportunity to board the ship with limited losses on our side of the battle. Additionally we loaded every broadside of the Starport side for our first strike.

There are few things as amazing as pulling off a cunning plan. When we flared to life we were so close to the pirates we were almost traded paint. The Ship shook as all the starport guns fire in rapid succession. Every massive missile scoring a telling blow. The enemy ship shook, then burned, then drifted as we had, only to never to do much more ever again.

Meanwhile a full complement of our Marines sallied forth in silver chariots to the other ship. It tried to boot up its turrets and defense but it was too late. They struck home and bore deep into the shell of the pirates ship. Armed with Flamers, Guns and Fanatical zeal the pirates never knew what trouble they had found.

The third ship disappeared apparently not wanted to fight such a cunning foe, dove into the warp leaving its crippled and dying sister ships to our wraith.

With the danger gone, or more accurately safely trapped we reviewed our actions. Brother Octavius and Mister Mordecai elected to go aboard the enemy ship while I salvaged what I could from the ship we had slagged the universe’s newest space hulk.

I wish hulk savaging was always as easy as it was with this time. The enemy’s ship was venting air, fuel and crew, anyone dump enough to not want off could be left on it, and more or less threw themselves at us.

That’s when we began to learn the harsh truth about these pirates. They had taken pilgrims as slaves, hostages, and for far worst things. The crews of the ships were little more than slaves, whipped to increase effectiveness, and worked till they expired.

Brother Octavius and Mister Mordecai managed to pacify both the prisoner, rowdy pirates and dangerous hell beasts by venting the ship. Though I wish they merely let all the air out then blow out the plasma drive and blow a hole in the Bridge. But they elected to add the ship to our growing dragon’s horde.

I must go now, my dear, sweet Genevieve, we will soon meet with the captain of the Hercules of Rye, our escort and being our mission to escort the piligrim.

Eternal faithful rogue of a captain,

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