Strange masked figured that attached himself to the party.


Wrapped in an armoured exoskeleton. His exact physical appearence is unknown as he is wrapped in a metal suit and masked appearance.

Jorbis has received an extreme amount of combat training. He appears to be heavily cybernetic, and carries around a small arsenial.


An Unknown Agent who was moving against Elsa Rhinehardt due to the Machines she had in her possession. However she left before any further conflict or resolution could occur. Davian has become his Guardian to prevent Jorbis’s arrest. For some reason Jorbis attached himself to the party though generally refuses to express why.

Jorbis took a vow to silence which means any conversation is more cherishes than conversation. While likely highly knowledgeable and intelligent his inability to express this has cause more problems than it could be.

Jorbis, as he himself indicated,is from one of the free floating station satellites orbiting Station-12 on Sekemt. The Acolytes chose not to go there, as they were operating on there deadline.

Jorbis has shown to favor non-lethal combat over lethal combat.

Current is now a guest of Lord Inquisitor Hector Varus the Elder


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