The Conspirators of Sector Juno

"Would you have done nothing? Would you have died first to prove you were best? We Tried, we failed, we found we preferred the slow bleed to the burn"


A total of 42 men will be come to be known as members of the Conspiracy once the Inquisition finishes with the task of cleansing the sector. Notable men are listed below.

Thracius de Fox von Scot-Riese Cardinal Head of the Ecclesiarchy while in the Space Sector
Eniola Fionn de Beowulf von Aucciello Arch-Deacon Organised Herema’s Services planet wide
Antipater la Lawrie son Eburwin de Atanasov Arch-Deacon Organised Leto’s Services planet wide
Sulaiman la Arkady von Tomás mir Meier Deacon Oversaw Defense station #FF9696
Lieber mir Eustorgios es Matyáš von Porras Herema Planetary Governor Plantary Governor
Motel von Boguslav de Arjuna la Trifonov Leto Planetary Governor Planetary Governor
Abdul de Xerxes von Maayan la McTaggart Captain of the Flying Hart Over saw his ship along the Pilgrim route.
Barış de Janne Dana von Bullard Captain of the Plough of Woolwich Over saw his ship along the Pilgrim route.
Luther von Shad de Wilmot la Harman Captain of the Hercules of Rye Over saw his ship along the Pilgrim route.

Captain Harman, while a guest of the Century Hawk, revealed the nature of the conspiracy after Brother Octavius deciphered the code within the personal letters of Harman.

Harman’s own guilt was discovered when an encrypted data slate was found with contracts which indicated trade of cargo for payment with a buyer at trade points. Given the only charge Harman had was pilgrims it was quick to rationalize what the captain was trading.

Was Harman enjoyed the company of MoO Mordecai’s tender Treatment it was clear that the captain didn’t care about talking. However after presented with the evidence of his own crimes the good captain was quick to speak.

Herman claims that the group are old friends, who grew up together and reach various positions within their chosen career choices. One day they were approached by a group for a meeting. The group claimed they needed good and honest men. They were willing to pay for them. Naturally such talk is slavery, and slavery is an afront to holy nature of the Emperor. Still shipment were arranged. Money traded hands.

After a while the group demanded more men. None were available, none that wouldn’t be missed at least. The group mentioned the Pilgrims. The men refused and bid the men good day. A second meeting was arranged, the group was taken by ship through the warp to a small armada there they were presented with an ultimatum. Proved the host of people or they would take them by force.

The group argued over the course, they couldn’t fight the armada, they couldn’t stall them before they ravaged the sector. With heavy hearts they agreed.

It wasn’t long that they became comfortable with the arrangement. Soon packing in more and more Pilgrims to trade for more and more money.

They traded the pilgrims for easy to liquidate, and mostly untraceable, capital to move the funds and wealth quickly. Soon the men rose through the ranks and were able to use their wealth for prestige, indulging in their own exotic tastes and more.

Harman wasn’t much of a talker after this, as he turned into a blood letter and…

The Following requires ]I[-Level clearance

Inquisitor René Yuu notes that there is some facts in dispute with the Captain’s tale. Besides the pathetic mewlings of a heretic there is something to be noted that none sought to use the vast fund to purchase armaments and upgrades to fight off the pirates.

Secondly the contracts look like they start with pirate raids rather than a serf or labour trade. Bringing into question the first part of the story. The vast number of contracts look like a means to blackmail each other from getting cold feet about the arrangement. Of course the small details like the lack of concrete details looks like it was organized for someone to fill in any of the rolls as needed.

The conspirators connection as old friends of youth is suspect as well. Harman himself did grow up with several other men but only a few of the higher ranking men. None of the men involved rose through the ranks at unnatural rates, more the accept change within the subsector which is another mark against the Captain’s story. Most of their familiarity begins around the time of the increased pirate activity. Yuu theorizes the men were killed many month ago and sorcery and heretekology was used to replace the men. Though nothing other than their sudden contact allows this to be found.

Harman’s transformation is the only other troubling fact of this. It’s possible he only appeared to transform into a Wraith Class Daemon, however give his body was sucked into the warp after the conflict the full truth will never be known about Harman.

Other members of the Conspiracy autopsies showed signs of mutation common with low sorcery us and chaos exposure. However whether these members were as along as Harman or they were if fact working to cleanse themselves to pass muster is an unknown. Subjects expired before such knowledge could be gained.

The Conspirators of Sector Juno

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