367th Heshoth Mechanized Infantry

The fighters of Heshoth will fight the green skins till the end.


Heshoth is a small Agri-World from the Fenright Sector. Most of its tribute is the large abundance of food that is used in food stuff for Hive worlds and Regiments fighting across the galaxy.

Heshoth often large communal families are large and often filled with pious and patriotic citizens who believe in a strong sense of duty. As a result many younger children who are not in session order are filled with the need to volunteer for Service.

Many of the Heshoth soldiers come from families use to playing with airgun or small laser to ward off pest making them easy to train in marksmanship.

The fresh vegetables, meats and carbs results in robust people use to hard labour with a rudimentary training in land craft.

Most Heshothers are sun kissed and slightly darken skin from years in fields.

The soldiers are equipped with standard Cadian style kit. Due to their unique skill set Mechanized Infantry fits the soldiers like a glove.


Due to a Ministorum error, the regiment was sent excess food, normally this isn’t an issue for an IG unit but would be a blessing. Heshoth however is well fed thanks to a near endless supply of care packages sent to them by their families back on Heshoth. What Heshoth really needed was ammo and weapons.

This mistake happened while the Regiment was deployed on Soyliv, a world fighting an Ork infestation. Needing supplies the Central Command created a cunning plan, using some contact they would said a small collection of troops with the extra rations to sell them and then buy weapons and ammo with the profits.

Bumping into the Crew, they made arrangements with a Weapons Dealer to act as the middle man for an arms dealer looking to move some Tempestus Scion gear quickly. The arrangement worked well with all traders.

The Arms Dealer didn’t necessarily walk away with the best deal but everyone mostly left with a great deal.

367th Heshoth Mechanized Infantry

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