Tech Priest TKA27

Or old Tobias the Techpriest, older than everyone ever.


Tech Priest TK2A7 is likely very old and very mechanical befitting both his age and his veneration to the Omnimessiah.


TechPriest TK27, or Tobias, is an old Tech Priest that is an overseer of the relic that is Station-12.

Recently he has moved a large amount of equipment through the station. No one knows what, or more accurately could identify it.

Unknown to the Inquisition, Tobias, has been having his own agent shadow the Acolytes sent to Station-12. Shadow is relative when the operative in question is 7 feet tall and dressed in bright red.

Tobias has been or at least appears to be collecting garbage text, in vast quantity, he has gone to extreme lengths to collect the information in the most secretive and convoluted method possible. Why or what they mean is something The Acolytes will need to discover.

Tobias has been excommunicated by an Unknown Magos. Tobias last act was send a packet of information on a Sheriek tek-heresy. Unknown if this will clear him.

Tech Priest TKA27

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