Redemption Sabre

A strike cruiser of the Deathwatch


A Strike Cruiser is the second major type of starship usually deployed by the Chapter fleets of the Adeptus Astartes. While a Space Marine Chapter only rarely will deploy the might of a powerful and usually quite ancient Battle Barge, Adeptus Astartes Strike Cruisers are a more common sight, though anything to do with the Space Marines is still a rare event in the galaxy. Often the arrival of a Space Marine Strike Cruiser is enough in itself to quell the defiance of a star system rebelling against the Emperor. The Astartes are quick to act if the surrender of the Emperor’s foes is not rapid and immediate. Strike Cruisers are fast, lightly-armed starships which mass slightly less than the Imperial Navy’s Dauntless-class Light Cruisers. Their primary function is to provide rapid response, as they are usually the first Imperial defenders to arrive at a threatened Imperial world. Strike Cruisers are capable of carrying one full company of Space Marines as well as all of their needed armoured support vehicles and have been known to deploy their full contingent of Astartes within only twenty minutes of their arrival in orbit of a target planet.

The Redemption Sabre is equipped with powerful long range sensors and several power full logic machines. Serving almost as a listening post rather than a planetary assault craft.


Redemption Sabre is a strike cruiser of the Galactic Unicorns gifted to the Deathwatch. The Unicorns rather than donate resources like troops and weapons, gifted this strike cruiser to serve in the Deathwatch.

The Galactic Unicorns are a Fleet based near Codex chapter that suffered a devastating defeat that has left them more undered manned than most chapters. For the most part the Galactic Unicorns have taken a simpler role as being fleet of long range reconnaissance.

Redemption Sabre

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