Quentos Ignase

The "shadow" of Davian Schlender


Not much is really known about the Crimson Guardsmen in general. They were originally meant to rebuild the Skitarii Legions that were decimated during the War of the Brass. When the Legions were rebuilt, the Crimson Guardsmen were repurposed and named the Venatorii, the new hunters of the Calixis Sector. Crimson Guardsmen are greater than regular soldiers, even more so than the Skitarii. With integrated weapons powered by a Potentia Coil that is part of the soldier itself, they can bring a massive amount of firepower in the direction or the enemy.

Quentos Ignase was an Imperial Guardsman recruit when he was chosen amongst the thousands of recruits to become a Crimson Guardsman. Who he was before is of no matter now. He gave his body and mind to the Adeptus Mechanicus and does their bidding without hesitation nor mercy.

After being made by the Acolytes, whom he was meant to follow (which, honestly was not that hard to do) Quentos decided the best way to follow his target was to join up with the Acolytes. If TKA27 is aware of this, he hasn’t said anything nor has he made any attempt to let Quentos know that he cares. Luckily, the Acolytes have a tech-priest with them, so that does make Quentos’ job easier.

After the attack on Rhineheardt, the Acolytes and Quentos went to one of the observation platforms where the slaughter 15 drug dealers, including a HVT by the name of Max.

Quentos Ignase

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