"I ask not what the Greater Good can do, only what Greater Good I can do."


Ws Bs s T ag Int Per WP fel
40 55 50 57 45 40 55 55 30
Movement: 12/24/36/72

Wounds: 90

Acrobatic (Ag), Awareness (Per), Command (+20), Common Lore (Tau Empire) (Int), Dodge (Ag), Speak Language (Tau, Kroot, Low Gothic) (Int).

Air of Authority, Ambidextrous, Dual Shot, Independent Targeting, Meditation, Rapid Reaction, Sprint.

Auto-stabilised, Dark-sight, Flier (12), Size (Enormous), Unnatural Strength (x2), Unnatural Toughness (x2).

XV8 Crisis Suit (All 9).
Toughness: 5
Shield Drone: 45%

Weapons: Plasma rifle, missile pod.
Plasma Rifle Basic 90m S/2/– 2d10+9 E 8 — — Tearing, Mounted
Missile Pod Basic 90m S/2/– 2d10+6 X 5 — — Mounted
Burst Cannon Basic 60m –/–/10 2d10+2 E 4 — — Mounted
Airbursting Fragmentation Launcher Basic 60m; S/–/– 1d10+5 X 4 — — Mounting, Blast 5, Devastating 2),
missile pod (90m; S/2/–; 2d10+6 X; Pen 5; Mounted),
plasma rifle (90m; S/2/–; 2d10+9 E; Pen 8; Arm Weapon Mounting, Tearing).

Crisis Battlesuit, incorporating Failsafe Detonator or Ejection System (choose one), micro-bead, xenos-crafted auspex.
Failsafe Detonator:
So dedicated to the Greater Good are some of the Tau Empire’s heroes that they will equip themselves to make the ultimate sacrifice should defeat be inevitable, and in so doingthey might allow their compatriots to escape and fight another day. Should the Commander’s Wounds reach 0, do not roll on the Critical Hits tables. Instead, one of two things happens. The Commander may, in the instant before he looses consciousness, override the Failsafe Detonator, shutting the battlesuit down, and thus he will play no further part in the encounter. Or, if he judges it will further the Greater Good, he may allow the explosive charge embedded in the Battlesuit to detonate, in the hope of slaying his enemies and saving his friends, even as he dies. The Failsafe Detonator explodes the instant the Commander’s Wounds reach 0 (unless overridden), inflicting 4d10 Explosive Damage over a blast radius of 10 metres.

Ejection System:
Some Tau Commanders are considered too valuable to the Empire to be allowed to die, yet they will not serve anywhere other than the front lines. As a compromise, some allow their Battlesuit to be fitted with an ejector system, which throws their body clear of the Battlesuit should itsustain overwhelming damage. The instant the Commander is reduced to 0 Wounds, the Ejector System comes online and throws him 2d6 metres in a random direction. A Commander that has ejected has a Strength of 32, Toughness 37, and 10 Wounds. His Movement becomes 3/6/9/18 and he loses all the Traits listed on his profile (thoseare provided by the Battlesuit). The Commander is equipped with a micro-bead and a pulse pistol, the better to aid him in his subsequent bid for escape.

The Patient Hunter:
Tau Commanders are Masters of the ancient doctrines of the Fire Caste, which are founded in martial philosophy and wisdom. They weigh the strengths and weaknesses of their own troops, and of their enemies, striking at the most opportune moment with overwhelming force. Should the Kill-team be reduced to 0 Cohesion, the Tau Commander may spend a full action in order to invoke the Patient Hunter. All units under his command equipped with a micro-bead may re-roll any missed ranged attacks against the Kill-team while it remains at 0 Cohesion.

BaTTlesuiT WeaPon sysTems
The Tau manufacture a staggering range of weaponry, from the compact and efficient pulse pistol, to the devastatingly powerful rail cannon. Many utilise technologies entirely unknown by the Tech-Priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus, and to the order’s horror, the Tau are continuously refining their advancements in an effort to make them lighter, smaller, and more deadly. Tau military doctrine emphasises an ‘allarms’ approach, in which the various types of unit support one another, compensating for any capabilities lacking in one unit. Fire Warrior teams, for example, do not carry their own heavy weapons. Instead, they work very closely with other units, such as Crisis Battlesuit teams and vehicles, and call in fire support with flawless efficiency.
The larger weapons are mounted on Battlesuits and vehicles, which are able to supply sufficient power and ammunition to last an entire engagement without the need for replenishment, making such units supremely effective on the battlefield.

Integrated Systems:
Tau Battlesuit weapons systems are fully integrated and supplied by continuous, high yield power relays and ammunition hoppers. These weapons have no Clip or weight characteristic, as the Battlesuit is assumed to have sufficient ammunition and power to last at least a single encounter. The GM need only keep track of such issues if the Battlesuit is unable to return to a base station in between encounters.


Leader of the Tau Primary Hunter Group in subsector Vasant of Sector Lithesh. Her forces are comprised mostly of Auxilary forces she is manly trying to keep a Waagh! From developing on the world of Fidea Prime.

O’Shaverra is a veteran Ork fighter, so she generally wants to kill Orks and cares little for the Political Situation of the Sector.

Imperial Reports has her reporting to O’Plava rather than to the Ethereal Directly. Imperial Intelligence has been digging into where else O’Shaverra has been deployed to.

Her by far less Tau Primary and more Tau Auxiliary Races, mostly Kroot and other minor Species. Imperial Intelligence denotes that this far from Common, the Tau’s propaganda may speak of inclusion but rarely do they deploy forces without more firepower.


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