Master at Arms


Mordecai was a man born without a name on a death world, kidnapped from birth and indoctrinated in a deathcult as a pit fighter. Mordecai had known only death and destruction from the time he was a child. Mordecai took his name from an old trainer of his in the pit, who taught him everything he knew, Mordecai was forced to kill the old man after the man was found to be stealing from the pirate lord.

After many years of fighting, being wounded, and coming closer to death than any man should be allowed, Mordecai finally “won” his freedom by slaying the Pirate leader that was in charge of one of the continents on his birth planet; an unknown death world.

Mordecai then stole passage aboard a Astra Militarum Supply freighter as a stow away. After being discovered, Mordecai was given the honor of join the Astra Militarum, or be spaced. Seeing as he could get paid for doing what he does best, he decided that joining was the best bet.

As a guardsman, Mordecai was thrust into battle as only the Guardsmen of the Imperium know. As a person who has seen death and destruction before, Mordecai was not at all fazed by the death of his squad mates. In fact, he relished the fight and took great pride in how many enemies he killed. After a couple of years, Mordecai was appointed to a special squad of soldiers that were tasked with disrupting enemy movements and supplies and securing landing zones and drop sites for troops.

During one such op, the team was caught behind enemy lines and the squad was decimated by the forces of Chaos. Mordecai was able to get away in a troop ship along with a handful of the platoon that was left. When they made orbit, they found that the fleet that had arrived had been attacked and that there was nothing left of the naval vessels. Out in the middle of hostile space with no fleet to go back to, Mordecai and the surviving troops high tailed it out of there. They were able to make it to a nearby space station and were able to procure travel on a transport ship with the system refugees.

After parting ways with the rest of his squad mates, Mordecai starting hiring himself out as a local bodyguard. During one such job, the group was beset by a group of pirates. Mordecai, remembering his time amongst the pirates, which triggers memories of the pirates, prompting him to go berserk and kill everyone, including his charge. He woke up in a local jail, chained to the ground and wall, not remembering what happened exactly.

The Arbiters told him that they found him wandering the street, covered in blood. They wouldn’t have thought a lot about it, due to many people getting into fights in the streets, except that Mordecai attacked them and incapacitated several of them before they were able to bring him down. Since he didn’t kill any of the Arbites, they didn’t feel like wasting the bullet just yet.

However, they could make his life miserable in the meantime. After several weeks of being beaten and tortured, Mordecai was finally released. Unsure why he was released, he asked. The Arbites told him that he was hired by a local Rogue Trader.

The man that stood in front of him was nothing like he had ever seen before. Tall, handsome, bearded, and with a hat that shouldn’t exist. “Captain Mortem here, lad. I have become the Captain of a new ship and am in need of a crew. I heard what you did and you seem to fit the bill for my new Master-at-Arms. What do you say? If you say no, you’ll be executed. Say yes, and you’ll be paid.”

Not having much choice, and liking to be paid for shooting things, Mordecai takes the job. To keep himself from ever going berserk again, he asked the ships Magos to lock away parts of his memory. He retains most of his fighting skill from the pit, but with that part of his mind locked away, it’s always been guessed that Mordecai is a much better fighter than he appears to be.

Mordecai is a pretty big dude. Other than the XO, no one on the ship is bigger than Mordecai. A fitness fanatic, Mordecai works out every morning for at least 3 hours. As a duelist, there is none better, other than Captain Mortem and the Navigator, on the Century Hawk. Mordecai personally trained the 200 Marines on the Century Hawk in shooting and blade work. Recently, Mordecai took up the bounty hunter profession. He has made the Century Hawk a fair bit of coinage.

On this most recent job, Mordecai has been tasked with finding an Inquisitor’s contact and also a run-away tech priest for another Inquisitor. So far, Mordecai has found several intersecting nodes of information, that while useful, are still not able to be connected in any sort of bigger picture.



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