Magos C1-ARK-3

"It wasn't hard, course it almost certainly Tekheresy. "


WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
26 28 77 77 40 60 55 56 41

Movement: 2/4/6/12
Wounds: 35
Corruption Points:0
Insanity Points: 30
Fate Points: 2

Ciphers Mastery (Occult, War Cant, Secret Society, Acolyte, Underworld), Command +10, Common Lore (Imperial Creed), Deceive, Drive Mastery (Ground Vehicle, Skimmer/Hover, Walker), Forbidden Lore Mastery (Adeptus Astartes, Adeptus Mechanicus, Archeotech, Daemonology, Heresy, the Inquisition, Mutants, The Black Library, Cults, the Warp, Xenos, Ordos, Officio Assassinorum), Literacy, Navigation (), Scholastic Lore Mastery (Archaic, Astromancy, Beasts, Bureaucracy, Chymistry, Codex Astartes, Cryptology, Drusian Chronicles, Heraldry, Imperial Warrants, Imperial Creed, Judgement)
Talents: Basic Weapon Training (Primitive, Flame, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, SP, Bolt), Pistol Weapon Training (Primitive, Flame, Las, Melta, Plasma, SP, Bolt), Heavy Weapon Training (Primitive, Flame, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, SP, Bolt), Thrown Weapon Training (Primitive, Chain, Shock, Power), Melee Weapon Training (Primitive, Chain, Shock, Power), Sprint, Favoured by Fate x 1, Machine (4), Heightened Sense (Sound, Smell, Touch, Sight), Resistance (Cold, Fear, Heat, Poison, Psychic), Peer (Adeptus Mechanicus, Adeptus Mechanicus, Administratum, Enforcers, Imperial Guard, Recidivist Organisation (Specific), Astropaths, Adeptus Astartes, Rogue Trader), Good Reputation (Inquisition, Enforcers, Cult (Specific)), Rival (Ecclesiarchy, Adepta Sororitas), Enemy (Adeptus Mechanicus, Adepta Sororitas), Light Sleeper, Rapid reload, Pack Hunter, Wolf Pack Tactics, Arms Master, Deadeye shot, Quick Draw, Blind Fighting, Master Orator, Crack Shot, Electrical Succour, Leap up, Nerves of Steel, Logis Implant, Mechadendrite Use (Techsorcist), Furious assault, Independent targeting, Concealed Cavity, Crippling Strike, Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic), Luminen Shield, Luminen Surge, Nightmare Field, Anima Aura, Aetheric Resonator, Blademaster, Combat Master, Luminen Flare, Master Chirurgeon, Luminen Barrier, Bulging Biceps, Dual Shot, Lightning Reflexes, Marksman, Step aside, Strong Minded, Dark Soul, Hard Target, Iron Discipline, Basic Weapon Expertise, Call of Iron, Conditioned Intellect, Electro Illumination, Exemplar of Metal, Gravic Levitation, Machine Spirit Empathy, Melee Weapon Expertise, Purity of the Machine, Storm of Blows, Thrown Weapon Expertise

Stranger to the cult, Mechanicus Implants, Soul of Iron, Tech-Tinker, Fabricated Flesh, Regeneration, Regeneration, Unnatural Strength x 2, Unnatural Toughness x 2, Unnatural Intelligence x 2

Armour: Cadian Kasrkin Carapace (Arms 12, Body 12, Head 12, Legs 12)

Breacher (m; ; 1d10+19 R; Pen 4; Clip ; Reload ; Special, Tearing, Unwieldy, Righteous Fury is 2d10; requires StrB 5 or lose 10 WS for each point of StrB below 5, Never Jams), Force Axe (1d10+18 R; Pen 2; Force, Unbalanced, +10WS), Digi-melta (3m; S//-; 2d10+4 E; Pen 12; Clip 1; Reload Half; size of a ring, one for each finger, can be fired even if holding something, Never Jams), Digi-flamer (3m; S/-/-; 1d10+4 E; Pen 2; Clip 1; Reload Half; Flame, size of a ring, one for each finger, can be fired even if holding something, Never Jams), Digi-flamer (3m; S/-/-; 1d10+4 E; Pen 2; Clip 1; Reload Half; Flame, size of a ring, one for each finger, can be fired even if holding something, Never Jams), Digital Laser (4m; S/-/-; 1d10+3 E; Pen 7; Clip 1; Reload Special; Reliable, Never Jams), Plasma Pistol (30m; S/-/-; 1d10+6 E; Pen 6; Clip 10; Reload 2 Full; Recharge, Overheats, Never Jams), Servo-Arm (2d10+13 R; Pen 2; Str 65, Unnatural x 2, +10WS)

Cadian Kasrkin Carapace, Null Blocker (Lathe), Hellpistol, Digital Laser, Plasma Pistol, Digi-laser, Digi-melta, Digi-flamer, Breacher, Force Axe, Bionic Left Arm (Good), Bionic Right Arm (Good), Bionic Locomotion (Good), Bionic Respiratory System (Good), Ballistic Mechadendrite, Manipulator Mechadendrite, Machinator Array, Medicae Mechadendrite, Mind Impulse Unit, Optical Mechadendrite, Utility Mechadendrite, Concealed Weapon Bionic (Good), Hermetic Infusion (Good), Mining Helot Augmetics, The Rite of Setesh, Vehicle Interface Circuits, Enhanced Potentia Coil, Lathes Mechadendrite Stabilisers, Perinetus-Pattern Servo Harness, Servo-Claw, Psy-Jammer Implant, Karrikian Lock-Arm (Left), Karrikian Lock-Arm (Right), Malygrisian Bioforging, Servo-Arm,


Magos C1-ARK-3, Clarke, is the head Techpreist for the fleet of the Century Hawk. He tends to the fleets function as is required by the rights. Clarke is ranked as a Magos within his order.

A Magos is a high ranking member of the Adeptus Mechanicus and are devoted disciples of the principles associated with the Machine God. These individuals have perfected as well as refined their field of expertise making them masters of a certain discipline.

Magos Clarke borders on the area of tek-heresy. With he is often found cleared of charges.

Clarke appears to be an old ally of Captain Mortem, though the two rarely speak beyond ship needs. Which suites Clarke the best.

Magos C1-ARK-3

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