Lord Nightster

"I think a nap is in order"


Lord Nightster is a tall, bloated, pale skinned man who bounces a bit when he moves and stands.

Dressed in a dark thick robe the flows to the floor. Lord Nightster always wares large hats. A Cloudbane tradition, though he has neither the stature nor the manner the look requires. He keeps his hand encased in gloves.

It is possible that at a time, many, many, many years before Lord Nightster was a man of herculean portions but years and excess have turned the man into a toad.


Lord Nightster is the youngest son never intended to inherent the vast wealth nor the business that made the fortune.

Lord Nightster was Sigurd Nightster in his youth. A large man who was more famous for his brawls. He fully expected to live his life as an Heir in spare. His eldest brother either killed each other or end up dead in the vicious cycles of killing that made up the daily life of nobles.

The Nightster have a few controlling shares in most of the Hive’s manufacturing. Yet the real wealth is made in transportation and storage of the finished products before there transfer to various ship outbound from the system.

Lord Nightster took power of the family and eased himself in the role though a series of violent attack of retribution and making sure everyone knew the Nightster were not to be touched.

Lord Nightster was not however as successful in business as he was in campaign of violence. Luckily he met a seneschal who wanted to retire, was is named Gabriel Agnarsson. Gabriel Agnarsson runs the company while having the protection and resource of Nightster family.

Lord Nightster would then live life as a man who appeared to run an empire. while enjoying his whims.

Lord Nightster has survived his five wives, fathered a large amount of children, likely more bastard than he could ever know, and slowly grew along his waist line.

Lord Nightster

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