Lord Inquisitor Hector Varus the Elder

The often talked about, but rarely seen Inquisitor.


The true nature of Varus is very much unknown. It is believed that “he” is one entity operating remotely as no one can find any contradictions in his dealings from the day to day. No one has ever seen the older looking gentleman featured in the holographic display.

The Servo Skull from which Varus operates has been shown to have a surprising number advance technologies bordering on Archeotech. A list of features that haven been observed:

  1. Advance Electronic Detection and possibly Advance Life detection, though in the case of observation it is possible that it was more the former than the latter, but again unknown.
  2. Self Repair even without parts or proper tools once power has been restored to the unit it can repair itself nearly completely
  3. Advance Holographic displays allowing him to appear as other individuals even without the green tinge.
  4. Cloaking abilities It is unknown if the Holographic field Covers the Skull or the Skull Cloaks when the former feature is used.

It has been observed that there is a number of Servo Skulls near Varus the Elder’s Servo Skull. it is unknown if these skulls are as advance, or even if the features list above apply to all the skulls.


Hector Varus has become inheritor of the “Lord Inquisitor.” Some three hundred years ago the late inquisitor died leaving his fortune and wealth to be divided amongst his family, unsurprising there were none. The will was later altered and a prize was offered on a some distance and far off dark rock which were a maze of traps and death awaited the would be claiment many tried but on’y Hector Varus emerged successful.

For the last two hundred years the only vision seen of Hector was a floating Servo Skull which projects a green tinged hologram of an elderly man.

Lord Varus the Elder is a fanatically “pure and true” servant of His Grace, the God Emperor. While the claim is doubted, at the moment, by everyone, there are several warrants out for his arrest based on the an ever growing list of evidence, mostly provided by Inquisitor Wraith.

Lord Varus the Elder joined the original task force to stop the Pale Throng midway through the journey. Which forced the task force to detour so he could join them. Odd thing this.

Lord Inquisitor Hector Varus the Elder

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