Lord General Connor Chvátal

Lord General leading Imperial Forces on Smaragdos Prime


Chvátal is the youngest son of a rich noble family on Smaragdos that has made its wealth and fame as Imperial War fighters, though that might have been several millennia ago.

Chvátal is trying to earn fame and glory to make him stand out from the rest of his siblings. He is waiting for the right moment to set out and strike, stealing glory for himself.

Chvátal won’t like the Kill Team, and he doesn’t like the Inquisition and he doesn’t like the rabble under his command. His strategy is to wait and let the orks come to him, normally this would be fine and well but it’s costing a lot of soldiers their lives, and with the more or less blockade of the system it will make reinforcements very difficult.

When Chvátal does fight its usually one sided. He refuses to put himself in an real danger without the reward being great enough.

If the Kill team looks like its help his legacy or the Kill Team taunts the general into racing them for kill the orks he will act like there friend.

Chvátal High Command has nearly every asset with some notable exceptions. It is however located at the secondary line, well away from the front.

Lord General Connor Chvátal

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