Kapkin Steelbiter

"Oi! Which one of youz gitz dig the Thing! I'll have you walkin' da black into the Reactor Core for dat! Wait! Dat da loot! WAAAGH!"


Kapkin Steelbiter

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
73 52 75 66 47 31 39 39 32

Movement: 4/8/12/24

Wounds: 26

Fate Points:
Skills:Awareness +20, Barter +20, Carouse +20, Common Lore (Orks, War), Drive Mastery, Intimidate +20, Navigation (), Performer Mastery, Pilot Mastery, Speak Language (Low Gothic, Ork)
Talents: Basic Weapon Training (Primitive, Las, Launcher, Melta, Plasma, SP, Bolt), Pistol Weapon Training (Primitive, SP), Heavy Weapon Training (SP, Bolt), Melee Weapon Training (Chain, Shock, Power), Iron Jaw, True Grit, Furious assault, Runtz x 5, Resistance (Cold, Fear, Heat, Poison, Psychic), Peer (Cult (Klan), Xenos(Ork)), Enemy (Inquisition), Ambidextrous, Brutal Charge, Jaded, Paranoia, Strong Minded, Rapid reload, Bulging Biceps, Disturbing Voice, Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee), Crushing Blow, Die Hard, Hardy, Da Nekst Best Fing, I’z Da Biggest, Too ‘Ard Ta Care, Light Sleeper, Ded ’Ard, Ded Sneaky, Dual Strike, Swift Attack, Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic), Unarmed Warrior, Light Sleeper, Crack Shot, Crippling Strike, Deadeye shot, Killer’s Eye, Lightning Reflexes, Precise Blow, Sharpshooter, Sure strike, Take Them Alive, Blademaster, Lightning Attack, Sprint, Unarmed Master, WAAAGH!
Traits: Non-Imperial, Speak not unto the alien, ’Ard, Sturdy, Ork weapon proficiency, Mob rule, Might Makes Right, Unnatural Toughness x 2

Eavy Armour (Arms 1, Body 5, Head 1, Legs 5)

Unarmed (1d10+9 I; Pen 0; Primitive),
Big Shoota (90m; S/3/10; 1d10+7 I; Pen 2; Clip 80; Reload Half; Inaccurate, Unreliable, 5BS, Bigga Barrel, Bigga Klip, Kombi-Shoota, Loudener, More Shooty, Red Light),
Burna (15m; S/-/-; 1d10
5 E; Pen 3; Clip 8; Reload Full; Inaccurate, Unreliable, Flame, May reconfigure with tech-use to count as burning blade with unwieldy requiring 2 hands., 5BS, Kombi-Shoota),
Big Choppa* (2d10
10 R; Pen 2; Tearing, Unbalanced, +5WS)

Displacer Field (Mars), Boss Pole, Eavy Armour, Big Shoota, Burna, Bigga Barrel, Bigga Klip, Kombi-Shoota, Loudener, More Shooty, Red Light, Big Choppa*, Bionic Left Arm (Good), Bionic Right Arm (Good), Bionic Respiratory System (Good), "


A Freebooter (pl. Freebooterz) is a piratical Ork who exists on the fringe of Ork Kultur. Freebooterz are bandits and sell-swords belonging to no specific tribe or klan but who will work with any tribe as well as stand against any other if the price is right. Freebooterz are Ork warbands that are composed of an amalgam of Ork mobs from several different warbands or Orks who have separated themselves from their former klan by choice or through exile. These roving bands are composed of renegades, bandits, pirates and other outcasts.

Kapkin Steelbiter is a rather tenacious example of the Freebooter kind. Wanted Dead in several Imperium system, and wanted alive in more for allowing the option to executed the Ork Pirate. Some how the pirate keeps slipping past Imperial Battlefleets when it looks like he is cornered.

Currently Steelbiter is hitting the Fidea Prime sector hard he has himself a fleet of Ork raider all working to attack trading lanes on both sides of the Imperial Tau border.

Kapkin Steelbiter

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