Judge Rudigger



So far the Judge has shown he is armed with custom explosive executioner shells, metlabombs, and has a mastery over cyber-mastiffs.

Physically fit and heavily armored, it is unknown how skilled he is, however given he is a Judge he is likely a veteran in Close Quarters Combat as well as having a wide degree of knowledge in criminology and psychology.


Judge Rudigger is in fact not a judge of planet Sekemt. He was dispatched by someone within the Inquisition sometime after the Acolytes arrival on world. Rudigger arrived on Sekemt after the Rogue Trader Elsa Rhinehardt left following assault by Jorbis.

Once on Station-12 the judge begin using Captain Bernacky’s security forces in chase of The Acolytes who were themselves looking for listening post for their Inquisition Task.

He managed to capture them in the heart of the central node of Station-12. However, he then, for his own reasons, let them find the listening post. However he remained outside while the the acolytes ransacked the place.

Rudigger engaged a daemon aligned Psyker who had taken control of a Tech-priest in charge of some of the more complex functions of the Station-12’s. Unfortunately the Servitors overwhelmed him though the Acolytes managed to stabilized him his wounds were too grave for him and he expired in the underbelly of Station-12.

Then, Davian Schlender used the Judge’s appearance to escape the station, while not convincing it did illicit aide from Bernacky by discovering the true reason for the IA’s attempt to simply abandon the station. As well help save face of Judge Rudigger by making his last known public appearance by that of a man who capture his prey and saved a station from a daemon invasion.

Judge Rudigger

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