Jayson Costache

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
67 52 45 35 35 40 35 30 55

Movement: 3/6/9/18
Wounds: 22

Awareness + 20, Blather + 30, Common Lore (Imperial Creed, Imperium), Deceive + 20, Dodge + 20, Forbidden Lore Mastery, Literacy, Navigation (), Speak Language (High Gothic, Low Gothic)

Basic Weapon Training (Primitive, Las, SP, Bolt), Pistol Weapon Training (Primitive, Flame, Las, Melta, Plasma, SP, Bolt), Melee Weapon Training (Primitive, Shock, Power), Ambidextrous, Heightened Sense (Sound, Sight), Resistance (Psychic), Peer (Ecclesiarchy, Nobility, Workers, Underworld, Administratum, Middle Classes, Inquisition), Hatred (Cult (All)), Frenzy, Light Sleeper, Quick Draw, Air of Authority, Master Orator, Inspire Wrath, Blind Fighting, Hard Target, Hardy, Rapid reload, Paranoia, Catfall, Counter Attack, Deadeye shot, Rapid reaction, Street fighting, Nerves of Steel, Sure strike, Arms Master, Sharpshooter, Decadence, Jaded, Two-Weapon Wielder (Melee), Two-Weapon Wielder (Ballistic), Strong Minded, Total Recall, Blademaster, Step aside, Disarm, Combat Master, Concealed Cavity, Sprint, Lightning Reflexes, Logis Implant, Swift Attack, Furious assault, Independent targeting

Etiquette, Wealthy, Do You Know Who I Am?, Flawed Conditioning, Blank Slate

Light Power Armour (Arms 8, Body 8, Head 8, Legs 8)

Plasma Pistol (Ryza) 30m S / 2 / – 1d10+6 E 6 10 Full Overheats, Never Jams
Ryza maximal 70m s/ – / – 2d10 8 10 Full Blast(2) uses 3 shots, must recharge
Power Sword Melee 1d10+10 E Pen 6 Balanced, Power Field, + 10 WS
Unarmed Melee 1d5+4 I 0 Primitive

Gear: Light Power Armour, Refraction Bracer, Plasma Pistol (Ryza), Power Sword,


Lord Jayson Costache leads the loyal opposition bloc inside the noble house assembly of the Fidea Prime. Castache is a minor noble from the outer systems. He holds several titles allowing him to have a powerful vote inside the assembly.

Costache began his career riding the coattails of several of elder lords from his subsector of space. After those members death he was scene as the person to look to by those elders heirs. Naturally charismatic he quickly found himself as the only one able to match the governess youthful energy.

Has a close relationship with Lord Admiral Žiga Fisher.

Seems be speaking with Tau.

Jayson Costache

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