Elsa Rhinehardt

Young Noblewomen from the Rhinehardt family


Elsa Rhinehardt is blonde, conventionally attractive and stereotypically germanic.

She is traveling well armed and treated with a massive amount of respect.


Elsa Rhinehardt was on Mining Station-12 representing her family’s interest on Station-12. Which is the purchasing of entire stations aboard planet Sekemt.

Elsa surprisingly covered the status of House Schlender. Even going as far as provided forged updated copies of the treaties which would help Schlender. She is aware of Davian’s Mission, though for moment she doesn’t seem to care. It seems she needs something and will likely cash in the favors at a later date. Though given how The Acolytes last saw her it is unknown how horrible it will end.

Rhinehardt has stated she will be departing on or after Day 3. She has decided to not purchase Sation-12 because it is surprisingly under performing despite survey reports that claim the mining site for the station as rich.

Rhinehardt was attack on her last night at the Ankho compound by Jorbis. Which resulted in the Inquisitor party nearly came to blows over a crate of what appeared to be servitor of unknown origin and extremely advance design. She smuggled this device aboard the station much to the ire of Captain Bernacky. The Techpriests of The Acolytes later dropped the matter after Tech Priest TKA27 told them the matter would be sent upstairs. Though apologies were made the matter might not be settled.

Rhinehardt departed on Day 3, with much fan fair, from Station-12.

Elsa Rhinehardt

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