Commander Cennétig Granger

Commander on the front line on Smaragdos Prime


Commander Cennétig Granger is almost non-descript in his appearance, in fact if he were not for his scars he would be almost unidentified in sea of service men the flock around him.

Granger is the kind of soldier that leads from the front. His uniform is caked with the same unidentifiable gray earth of the trench of his men, he sleep in the same holes, with the same ever present danger that has surround them. As a result he often looks hagrid and tired.

Granger has almost no identifiable marks of his rank and command position, merely his gravitas and the way men stiffen around him. Simply because Ork like to kill officers, better kit, and the tiny monkey like gremlins that make up the underlings of the orcs are much of the army’s command structure on the front follows this line of thinking. As a result Commissars have a higher fatality rate than most officers.


Granger is a hard Cadian veteran, horribly scared, he has fought almost everywhere that doesn’t have a name to it. As a result he is cynical and has little toleration for politics or formalities. Something that would get him in trouble if his

Granger is feeding High Command bad intel because he wants to actually fight. So the intel from his scouts is cherry picked or several days old to allow his men an opportunity to do there job and win without Chvátal micromanaging his men’s to death from the secondary fall back line.

Commander Cennétig Granger

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