Cassius Schlender

Leader of the Revenge Party of the House Schlender remnants.


Cassius was the third-eldest, and followed ancient traditions by joining the church. Though he’s legally unable to assume control of the family, he exerts a powerful influence over the scattered remains. Smart and pious, Cassius has nonetheless taken the whole affair very personally.

Cassius maintains the houses overall innocence, and that a plot was hatched by parties interested in his families ruin. He despises house Bonneville for their direct role in this, as well as the governess’s family for their perceived, uneven harshness. Cassius is using the verdict of Davian’s investigate of innocence and trail as rallying point for his cause.

Is likely given the event on Hive world ______ Cassius will find allies in the nobles that were used for bait.

Davian and Cassius have a very cold relationship. Davian’s religion being the law and Cassius being the Ecclesiarch proper has made them temperamental at best. Further Straining the relationship is Cassius using Davian’s trail, something that was neither pleasant nor happy, for what Davian views Cassius’s personal vendetta.

Cassius Schlender

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