Captain Bernacky

Head of Security for Mining Station-12


Captain Bernacky has demonstrated he is effective and strict commander. His troops are well disciplined if a little stoic.

Bernacky doesn’t have complete control as he would like. It seems that he has taken over most of O’malley staff who have kept .

Rhineheart bribed his guards to allow large crates. Something that cause him to become very upset.


Captain Bernacky took over the role of what seems to be security chief and administrator for Mining Station-12 after his predecessor.

Bernacky’s predecessor was an O’malley. However after the IA arrived on station they found O’malley style of security lacking, they proceeded to fixed him, permanently. Bernacky himself killed the man, unfortunately O’malley has family in the Ministry of Secretary. Trapping Bernacky at Station-12

It is rumored that Bernacky helps, runs, or simply just tolerates a smuggling ring for the fuels refined at the station. (An act which is high treason.) It is unknown if he has a hand in the limited amounts of drugs and contraband that can be found on the station.

Bernacky for all his pomp and importance is still beneath the might of the Judge.

The Listening post did have a direct connection to Bernacky’s C&C. Whether Bernack himself was the one answering the calls was not discovered.

Captain Bernacky

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