Boss Tammity

The greedy worker boss of Station-12


Unknown to Tammity’s physical abilities though it it might be. However, he has survived both the IA’s purge as well the regime of Captain Bernacky which means he has some degree of intellegence and/or Moxy


At the moment Tammity’s motives and abilities are all based on rumors and hearsay. Though the sources are respectable if not knowledgeable.

Tammity runs the worker gangs like a mob boss or maybe a corrupt union boss for contemporary comparisons.

Gutting the workers on their employ gains in exchange for protection and possible job choices, forcing uncooperative gangs into high fatality jobs or sabotaging them.

Tammity also forces various workers into roles to Mule contraband in and out of the station.

Tammity has been after Captain Bernacky‘s job for a while ever since O’Mallley was in charge. Tammity is tolerated because he is useful though it is unknown if he he is seeking a way to remove the Captain.

Tammity has recently began smuggling large collections of paper with what looks like garbage text printed on them. He was doing this through one of the “abandoned” storage satellites. These boxes were pushed into the garbage chute where they were collected by Tech Priest TKA27

Tammity met with The Acolytes though brief was life changing. The acolytes dropped a crane on him and then stabilized him however the encounter left his legs pulped and most of his body broken. The party left him to his fate and last that was seen of him the Judge had release Cyber-mastiffs who were hell bent on finding him.

Tammity was asserted an then interrogated by the Adeptus Arbites under Judge Rudigger though short Tammity first spilled everything he knows and later spilled everything as he expired.

Boss Tammity

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