Bone'ead Stacy and the Ogryn Laddies

"Brute force not work? It because you not use enough of it!"

WS BS S T Ag Int Per WP Fel
40 25 52 53 33* 22* 28* 25 25

“*” Stacy augmentation allows these Characteristics to be much higher.


Bullgryns (Upper body 5).
Slab Shields: (Arm and Body 5)

Total TB:7

Skills Athletics (S), Intimidate (S) +10, Parry (WS)
Talents Berserk Charge, Furious Assault
Traits Clumsy, Size Hulking), Unnatural Strength (2), Unnatural Toughness (2).
Weapons Range RoF Damage Damage Type Penetration Magazine Reload Traits
Ripper gun 30m S/–/6 1d10+8 Impact 8 2 Full Ogryn-Proof, Scatter
Grenade Gauntlet 60m S/-/- 2d10 Explosive 0 6 2 Full Two handed,Ogryn-Proof, Blast 4
ripper gun/Grenade Gauntlet (melee) Melee Melee 1d10+9 Impact 1 Melee Melee Ogryn-Proof, Primitive ]8[
Ogryn Power Maul Melee Melee 1d10+10 Energy 2 Melee Melee Ogryn-Proof, PowerField

Lucky dog tags
Ripper Gun Ammo

Ogryn entry from the Litany of War for the Imperial Guard

Ogryns are put to work by the Imperial Guard as front-line shock troopers; brutal close-combat specialists capable tearing a man limb from limb or even pummelling a small tank to scrap with their bare hands. Standing between two and three metres tall and thickly-muscled, Ogryns are capable of withstanding huge amounts of punishment. Their natural strength and vigour makes them ideal for any engagement where the fighting is sure to be bloody and Ogryns are often deployed in first-wave assaults. Given their size and ferocity, it is not uncommon for Ogryns to break the morale of their foes before they even come to grips with one another. This is not to say that the Imperial Guard doesn’t utilize the Ogryns’ strength for other things as well. Traditionally equipped with enormous Ripper Guns, the huge abhumans wade into combat behind a storm of heavy-calibre shells, only to arrive swinging the weapons hard enough to buckle a plasteel bulkhead.

Ogryn entry from Imperial Records

Ogryn’s adaptation to the high-gravity environment as described is the reason for the Ogryns’ thick skin, powerfully muscular build and resulting monstrous size. Though their adaptations led them to increase in physical size and strength, the Ogryns’ intelligence declined to below average human levels. As the planetary conditions (barren, cold, little food and long periods of starvation) that caused their mutation required only primitive survival instincts, part of their adaptation involved the loss of the ability for more complex intellectual thought since philosophical matters were unnecessary in an environment marked by starvation and a constant fight for life. Ogryns are said to be even less intelligent than some Orks. However, the truth is that their intellects did not actually devolve, but became much more focused on matters such as survival. Ogryns are claustrophobic, which means that they can only with great difficulty be loaded into armoured carrier vehicles to be transported to the battlefield, and can only ride in vehicles if a commanding officer is present. As many as half a squad may be mounted on a Chimera. This slightly slows their deployment speed.

Bone Head Entry from Imperial Records

Among the dim-witted Ogryn species there exist certain rare individuals who, despite their primitive mind-set, exhibit a rare glimmer of intelligence, problem solving capabilities, memory, or natural drive. Such individuals quickly stand out among their bretheren, making them ideal candidates for Biochemical Ogryn Neural Enhancement. Recipients of such procedures generally refer to themselves as Bone’eads and possess enhanced cognitive capabilities well beyond those of an unaltered specimen/ Many are able to remember thier own names, count some of their fingers, or even make tactical decisions beyond hitting things — capabilities that quickly mark them as eligible for positions of limited authority.

Bone’eads are often the brains of their units, and other Ogryns look to them for leadership both on and off the battelfield. To other Ogryns, the fact that a Bone’ead even holds his rank is often reason enough to obey, and most are content to trust that anyone who remembers as much as a Bone’ead probably knows best anyway. As such a Bone’ead’s unit often has little disciplinary problems and a clearly established hierarchy, assuming everyone remembers what they are supposed to be doing at any given time. Bone’eads are brutal but effective leaders, bellowing orders over the din of combat and punctuating their shouts with vicious blows from their oversized weapons. When the average Ogryn is clumsy and ungainly, Bone’eads are much more coordinated than their primitive brethren and able to wield weapons with surprising dexterity, though their inherent clumsiness can never be completely eradicated. Despite their abilities, they are not particularly well-equipped compared to other Guard units, often fighting with the same weaponry as their unaugmented brethren.

Lieutenant Oxyn Stacy is veteran IG campaigner who leads the 929th Shock Auxiliary Squad. While Squad is a bit of a misclassification, the Ogryn under his command are actually numbered at 40 to 65 strong, falling into the classification of a platoon. However, they generally are not broken apart for smaller squad or fire team based missions. The most the Ogryn will be broken down is for use to help another squad’s commander or sergeant likely by leading a charge and drawing heavy fire for the rest of the squad. When deployed en mass they generally fight like a rolling wave.

Ogryn tend to be wild bunch in combat, firing unit the ripper gun is empty and they must resort to bloody hand to hand fighting. As such the ripper gun is a single fire weapon. Additionally rather than being a solid slug it’s more like smaller shot cannon allowing it to spread over an area and with similar recoil. The trigger requires a massive amount of pull to trip. Without modification, the weapon is hard for a normal human to wield let alone fire.

Bone’ead Stacy’s, the title he prefers, rank is a formality, as a commision office must lead a platoon. As an Ogryn auxiliary he really has no rank inside the Astra Militarum, he cannot be ordered around by less rank individuals however. While this entitles him to little luxuries he is still an Ogryn.

MoA Mordecai asked Captain Mortum to secure troops to replace heavy losses caused by Chaos Ravers. Mortum made arrangements to secure Ogryn as Mordecai had purchased a large volume of Ogryn Weapons which were for Bullgryns.

Bone'ead Stacy and the Ogryn Laddies

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