The Holy Super Heavy Relic Tank from the Great Crusader

Type Tracked Vehicle
Tactical Speed 8 m
Cruising Speed 25 kph
Maneuverability –30
Structural Integrity 120
Size Monumental
Armor Front 45 Side 38 Rear 30

Vehicle Traits: Command and Control, Damage Control, Enclosed, Ponderous, Reinforced Armour, Super-Heavy, Tracked Vehicle


  • 1 Commander (Turret),
  • 1 Driver,
  • 5 Gunners (Turret/Demolisher cannon/Hull heavy Bolter turret/both sponsons),
  • 2 Loaders (Turret/Demolisher cannon).
  • Baneblades usually have a dedicated comms-operator
  • Enginseer as part of their crew, sometimes.

Carrying Capacity:None


Turret-mounted Baneblade Cannon 750m S/–/– 3d10+15 X Pen 10 Clip 12 3 Full Blast 12, Concussive 3, Reliable
Co-Axial mounted M34 Auto-cannon 300m S/3/– 3d10+8 I Pen 6 Clip 20 2 Full OgrynProof, Reliable
Hull-mounted Demolisher Cannon Front Facing 50m S/–/– 4d10+20 X Pen 10 Clip 2 Reload Full Blast 10, Concussive 3
Turret-mounted twin-linked Heavy Bolter 150m –/–/6 1D10+8 X Pen 5 Clip 60 Reload Full Tearing, Twin-Linked
2 Sponson-mounted twin-linked Heavy Bolters 150m –/–/6 1D10+8 X Pen 5 Clip 60 Reload Full Tearing, Twin-Linked, Left Facing/Right Facing
2 Turret-mounted Lascannons 300m S/–/– 5d10+10 E Pen 10 Clip 30 Reload 2 Full Proven 3

The Baneblade may take one Pintlemounted weapon mounted atop the turret (choose one of the following):

Heavy Stubber 100m –/–/8 1d10+4 I Pen 3 Clip 80 Reload 2 Full
Storm Bolter 90m S/2/4 1d10+5 X Pen 4 Clip 60 Reload Full Storm, Tearing

Special Rules

Baneblades have weapon mountings across their entire hull. To further clarify the weapons listed above, each of the Turret-mounted lascannons are located on top of the Sponson-mounted twin-linked heavy bolters, and the Turretmounted twin-linked heavy bolter is mounted far forward on the Baneblade’s hull, to the right of the demolisher cannon. Remember that whilst turrets have a 360-degree Fire Arc, the vehicle itself blocks this and limits the smaller turrets’ Fire Arcs (especially the twin-linked heavy bolter turret). Additionally, the sophisticated machine spirits slaved to the Baneblade’s lascannons mean they can be fired at the same time and at different targets, as the vehicle’s sponsonmounted twin-linked heavy bolters by the same gunner as a Full Action.

Baneblades are often used as more than just command tanks, but command and control fortresses that can coordinate the attacks of multiple vehicle squadrons at once. At the GM’s discretion, a Baneblade may be given the Improved Command and Control Vehicle Trait in place of its standard Command and Control Vehicle Trait. Additionally, the Baneblade may be given the Environmentally Sealed Vehicle Trait. If an Enginseer is part of a Baneblade’s crew, its own Damage Control systems are enhanced. In these instances, the vehicle’s Reinforced Armour Vehicle Trait counts against Righteous Fury rolls and all Tests to put out fires gain a +20 bonus


The Baneblade is easily one of the most dangerous vehicles on the battlefields of the 41st Millennium. Colossal vehicles, Baneblades make Leman Russ battle tanks look tiny and pathetic in comparison, and the morale boost from seeing one of these metal leviathans can never be underestimated. Baneblades are bristling with weapons and can engage more targets by themselves than most vehicle squadrons. Their armour is nigh on impenetrable to small arms fire and they can shrug off hits that would core even a Leman Russ Demolisher. A Baneblade’s main weapon is the huge baneblade cannon. Firing a specially designed rocket-propelled warhead, it can remove entire chunks of the battlefield in fiery plumes of death and destruction. An autocannon is slaved to the main cannon in a co-axial mount, mainly used to guide the larger gun’s shots. However, unlike some superheavy vehicles, the Baneblade’s arsenal does not end with its primary weapon. A hull-mounted demolisher cannon gives the Baneblade added punch at shorter ranges and a trio of twin-linked heavy bolters give it the defensive firepower of an entire squadron of Leman Russ. Finally, two strategically placed lascannon turrets give the Baneblade protection against flanking vehicles, especially walkers, who can often turn the Baneblade’s sluggish speed against it.To be the commander of a Baneblade is to be a god among other tank crews. Baneblades are always in high demand and most Imperial Guard armies will be lucky to have one in their service, let alone a full squadron. However, even one Baneblade can turn the tide of a losing battle, or make the break in a vital siege—there is almost nothing that can stand in a Baneblade’s way.


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