Admiral Rikuto Bretz

Osmium Sector Naval Defense


Bretz eyes are old and tired. His face is sagged with the age and stress he has suffered for years of service.

Bretz uniform is clean and as sharp as the first day he wore it. With the golden button gleaming against the deep blue fibers. A white cap bearing the Imperium Aquila gleams in the deep lights of his command deck. Unlike many of his rank he wears no medals, instead those baubles of honor are kept in his vault on a world he hasn’t seen in person for years.

Bertz walks with a limp and leans heavily on a cane of possibly wood.


Bretz has been serving on ships since he was born into the fleet. He wants more than anything to be done with the Osmium Sector and move on to his next assignment. His orders currently are secure the Mining operations’ shipping lanes from the rocks around the Hive World, which are beset by pirates, ork freebooters and strange signals.

He has limited control over the Deathwatch’s Strike Cruiser which is in the area.

Admiral Rikuto Bretz

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